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Best kdramas to watch possess an eerie and otherworldly beauty all their own. The popularity of South Korean pop culture, such as K-pop, movies like “Parasite” and “Minari,” and television shows, is fast growing in countries all over the world. It is usual practice to refer to any fictitious television series that has its roots in South Korea by using the term “Korean drama,” sometimes shortened to “Kdrama.” The vast majority of these episodes are adapted from webcomics, a narrative media popular in South Korea and comparable to comic books in format and style. Let’s check out some of the best kdramas to watch that have been suggested for us.

What are best dramas to watch?

“K-dramas” is a common abbreviation for “Korean dramas,” which refer to television shows produced in South Korea. Most of them are in Korean, but due to the growing global interest in Korean pop culture, subtitles are frequently supplied when streamed on services like Netflix. If you are interested in learning more about Korean drama, you can learn more by reading the article we wrote about.

History of best dramas to watch:

Korea’s long history has given its people a reputation for diligence, rigor, and energy. This series features instructors and students who want public service careers. The Korean civil service exam is notoriously difficult. This story depicts the trials endured by students who must devote their formative years to studying for a significant examination. The action takes place in Noryangjin, a well-known area of Japan that is home to many schools that help their students prepare for civil service exams.

Best dramas to watch, best kdramas to watch:

K-dramas are famous worldwide due to their high quality. Most non-Korean viewers need help understanding these shows’ language, but that has yet to dampen their popularity. The Korean variety program Squid Game is a perfect example of this phenomenon because it has recently exploded in popularity around the world. These plays have subtitles accessible in various languages, so you won’t have trouble following along. The following are best dramas to watch.

The Rain:

All Korean dramas, especially those aired in Asia, focus heavily on romantic relationships. It is usual for there to be romantic tension even when there is a lot of activity. Today’s heroes commonly start unorthodox romantic relationships in fiction and real life. The novel’s characters find love despite age and family barriers. Therefore The guy is best friends with the girl’s older sister and her younger brother. The tale revolves around these two friendships. The story’s protagonist and girl were childhood friends.


Korea, the Korean drama series Gourmet, is about two brothers competing to take over their father’s restaurant, and the tension between them is sure to keep you riveted. There is competition, heartbreak, and moments that will have you on the edge of your seat, all of which add to this drama’s standing as one of the best dramas. In contrast to other cooking shows, this one features only classic Korean dishes and methods.

Coffee Prince, best kdramas to watch:

One of the most popular and critically praised Korean dramas, “Coffee Prince,” spread the word about how great Korean dramas can be to an audience outside Korea. After starting, it’s hard to stop watching, and it’s incredibly addicting; therefore, it was crucial to spreading the word about the Korean series. This Korean romantic comedy follows the unlikely love story between Yoon Eun Hye’s awkward tomboy character, Go Eun-Chan, and Gong Yoo, a wealthy guy who isn’t interested in the women his family has set him up with.

Secretary Kim Who Is the Issue:

It’s hard not to wonder what’s wrong with Secretary Kim after reading the intriguing title. Though, you will only find out if you watch this Korean drama! So if that’s your favorite genre of a television show to watch. The story’s protagonist, Lee Young Joon, is the vice chairman and heir to a fortune at a major firm. He doesn’t understand why his secretary of nine years, Kim Mi So, decided to leave her position with him.

To Keep a Journal of One’s Youth, best kdramas to watch:

Park Bo Gum is a fashion model with acting ambitions in this drama. The story unfolds as she travels. Despite his efforts, he was continuously passed over for the part. Park So Dam’s portrayal of the makeup artist was a smash at one of his design exhibits. The three main protagonists in this love drama not only have to face and conquer challenges in their separate fields of work during the novel but also come closer together as friends and go through some romantic conflict.

Legendary Korean movie Parasite:

In addition, the actors and actresses included in this show are some of the very best in the business. Some of you would recognize So Dam from her part as Jessica in the legendary Korean movie Parasite. Even though Reply 1988 and Encounter are among the most well-known examples of Korean drama, Park Bo Gum appeared in both.

Girls Are Overlooked in Favor of Boys:

Boys over Flowers, a popular Korean drama series, are a high school-based romantic comedy. It follows Geum Jan Di, a girl from a low-income family who, through a series of fortunate events, can enroll at Shinhwa High School, an elite institution where the gap between the rich and the poor is starkly apparent. At some point, Jan Di did meet a group of four wealthy and attractive young men known as the Flower Four, or F4.


Gu Jun Pyo, portrayed by Lee Min Ho, is the high school-aged heir to the Shinhwa conglomerate and the leader of this gang of miscreants. In addition to the members above, Gu Jun Pyo is also included. It caused a great deal of stress for her and made her day-to-day life at school very difficult.

The Itaewon’s Elite, best kdramas to watch:

Park Sae Ro Yi punches a classmate on the first day of high school for picking on another student. That’s where the story of this Korean drama begins. This despot was named Jang Geun Won, and he was the heir to the throne at the family-run Jangga Co. This marked the beginning of a series of tragic events in Sae Royi’s life, including the death of his father, all of which could be traced back to the Jang family.

Korean drama’s prominence stems from the following:

This Korean drama’s importance stems partly from the many valuable lessons it teaches its viewers. En in a way that made its characters easy to relate to. Itaewon Class was a show that aired on JTBC.


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What are the must-see Korean dramas?

You can get all the laughs you need, all the tears you want, all the chills you wish to, and a healthy dose of kilig in one great Korean drama.

What is the current top-rated Korean series?

Itaewon Class and Hospital Playlist were popular South Korean shows this year. They must climb a mountain before reaching their goal. World of the Married’s viewership has surpassed Sky Castle’s.


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