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Best smoke spots dust 2: As part of the throwable items you may earn, you will have the opportunity to get Smoke Grenades to obscure paths with smoke. It is necessary to cover trails with smoke to get from one position to another without having to traverse the same ground that enemies have traveled. You will learn how to cross the best smoke spots dust two levels without placing yourself at risk of being shot at by the attackers by following this lesson since it will take you through the smokey parts of the map that contain the finest particles. Here we will discuss more best smoke spots dust 2.

Best smoke spots dust 2 for different levels:

Fans of the multiplayer online battle arena game CS: GO like playing on the Dust 2 map because it has a straightforward layout that is nonetheless exciting to play on, making it appropriate for players of varying skill levels. Following are best smoke spots dust 2 for different groups.

Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 – A Site:

Let’s begin with the most desirable places to smoke at the A site of Dust 2. You will be able to gain possession of a site and force your opponents back with the assistance of these smokes. Creating a CS: jump bound is essential if you want to improve the accuracy of your jump-throw smoke grenade lineups and ensure that they work every time. It’s a must-have item for every CS: GO player who wants success.

Long Corner Smoke:

Because many players aggressively play this corner to get a free kill, the long corner smoke is an important location. The lengthy corner is a straightforward site to light up, and there are a ton of fireworks that are readily accessible that can be thrown from secure locations.

Smoking the Long Cross:

Smoking the cross at a site may speed up your journey to the location. Unfortunately, it takes two clouds of smoke to cover the cross completely, but given that it blocks the catwalk and the CT spawns, the investment is well justified. This task involves a fair amount of collaboration and can only be carried out successfully if there is strong communication. Make sure you test it out with your friends by logging into a Discord server, using a high-quality headset, and discussing the experience with them.

CT Smoke, best smoke spots dust 2:

If you wish to clear a more extensive region of the CTs, the CT smoke will significantly assist you. When crossing from A Long to A Site, you will still need to check your near left, but because of this, you will also be able to push into CT spawn a little bit farther safely. As a general rule, most gamers choose smoking cross over CT. Nobody will move out of your smoke if you smoke the CT spawn instead of the cross spawn.

A Plant Site Smoke:

When your crew is attempting to place the bomb, this smoke gives them a little amount of shelter to hide behind. If you do not have somebody guarding the flank or keeping back at A Long Doors, the CTs will wrap around the corner and attack you. If your planter is not hiding, A Long may be able to finish you out quickly. Because of the smoke coming from the A Plant Site, we have the much-needed cover we were looking for, and no one can see the planter from A Long.

Car Smoke:

Using a Molotov cocktail against a Car is often recommended as the most effective method for clearing the area of any potential foes. It is a sneaky angle that many players prefer to play at, particularly during save rounds, since it gives them an advantage. On the other hand, there are situations in which you either do not own a Molotov cocktail or want to wait to use it. Toss a smoke bomb at Car, then combine it with one thrown to Cross or CT.

Long Doors Smoke:

To make it easier for your squad to engage in more aggressive play on a site, you can decide to smoke long doors for one of your teammates. They can get a competitive advantage over their opponents due to the cover. It helps prevent rushes from long entries and gives your buddy a chance to enhance their position.

Catwalk Smoke:

If you are playing on a site, catwalk smoke is an excellent defensive smoke for you to use. It makes it impossible for adversaries to access the catwalk unless they advance farther into the location. Utilizing this smoke on the catwalk and then shifting your attention long after that is an excellent method to get the most out of it since it is rare that opponents will be able to see through it.

Location of best smoke spots dust 2:

In the last stage of best smoke spots, dust two, we now have smoke for the central region. They prevent access to angles that would otherwise allow you to reach a catwalk, pass through double doors, or enter tunnels. Some are also as useful for aggressively pushing the middle of the field as CTs.

Xbox Smoke:

Because it obstructs the view of an AWPer from the double doors and makes it possible to go to the catwalk or the tunnels without being seen, Xbox is a popular place for smokers to congregate. However, watch out for advances from behind that are too forceful.

Left Side Smoke Mid:

It obstructs a large region, and adversaries from the B site will have a tough time locating your rotation. This smoke is an excellent choice to deploy if you want to push CT Spawn as hard as possible.


Best smoke spots dust two is recommended that you use a practice server to get some experience smoking off these regions. These smokes need some practice before they can be mastered, so have some patience and check out some music bots on Discord to help pass the time. There are a lot of different smoke lineups for each position on this list, so be sure you commit at least one smoke lineup for each smoking spot in Dust 2 to memoir allows you to light smokes in various locations and might help your group escape.


How exactly should one go about practicing Dust 2 clouds of smoke?

Open up the console and input map de dust two into the console to begin training on Dust 2. When you click Enter, a casual match starts with just bots. Put a bot kick into the console to remove gaming bots.

Is Dust 2 the most famous of all the maps?

Dust 2 is not only the most popular map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but also incredibly popular in Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero. Dust 2 also holds the title of the most popular map in Counter-Strike 1.6.

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