Who is Nessa Diab age and what is their relationship with Colin?

Nessa Diab age is 41 years. American radio and TV hostess Nessa Diab is a multitalented powerhouse who won over listeners and viewers with her infectious personality and innovative ideas. Nessa’s life changed direction when she came to the United States to pursue a degree in Mass Communication, despite being born during the Gulf War. As a result of this chance, she could leave behind the war-torn childhood that had hindered her success up to that point. Diab and her boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick are the founders of a youth empowerment initiative called Know Your Rights Camp for disadvantaged youth. Here we will discuss Nessa Diab age.

Nessa Diab age:

This 38-year-old woman was born on May 6, 1984. Nessa Diab was born to Egyptian Muslim parents. Nessa’s birthday is May 6th; born in Los Angeles, California. As of 2022, she will have been 42 years old. Diab, a recent UC Berkeley mass communication grad, interned at the top 40 San Francisco Bay Area stations. It’s been quite the adventure seeing Nessa Diab rise from obscurity to fame as a popular American TV host and radio host.

 Nessa and Colin’s relationship:

While playing for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick began a relationship with Nessa Diab, a National Football League quarterback. In 2015, rumors started spreading that they were related, and the following year, in 2016, Diab officially claimed that they were close. While this is happening, this is the first time anyone has been able to guess who Colin is.

Swift’s ascent to fame:

The path that Nessa Diab age has taken to become a well-known American TV show and radio personality is unique. She also started working on the news at the same time. Not pleased with the status quo, Nessa snatched up a second show on “West Coast Report.” That made her one of just a few worldwide to simultaneously hold on-air positions in the two main West Coast radio markets.

Aspects of Your Private Life:

On May 6, 1981, in sunny Southern California, Nessa Diab entered the world. Her Egyptian father and Middle Eastern mother brought her up in the Muslim faith. There are two brothers in her family. When Nessa was young, the family relocated to Saudi Arabia because of her father’s work. They didn’t go public with their romance until over a year later, in February of 2016, when they announced it to the press.


Nessa interned at Wild 94.9, a top 40 radio station serving the San Francisco Bay Area, during her time at university. Eventually, she was given her news program after gaining notoriety by conducting Interviews with musicians and celebrities for you-tube on Girl Code. Her midday hip-hop show tops the ratings in over 15 markets and is the country’s most-syndicated show of its kind.


Both Nessa and Colin Kaepernick are co-founders of the Know Your Rights Camp on Tour, an initiative aimed at empowering disadvantaged youth. To help those who suffer from police terrorism and human rights violations, the group collected donations for the 2020 COVID-19. She and her co-host on Girl Code, Carly Aquilino, led the Perfectly Imperfect national campaign for Plan B One-Step in 2016 to empower young women to make decisions.

Rich is Nessa Diab:

As a presenter, Nessa Diab oil is rumored to have achieved great success in her professional life. It is expected that by the year 2022, the value of Nessa will fall below three million to four million dollars US. While Nessa was still enrolled at UC Berkeley, she was allowed to host a radio show on the campus radio station. When Nessa was offered a position airing at primetime, it marked the pinnacle of her professional career.

Nessa Diab’s Work History:

When Nessa was in their senior year of college, she began applying for internships and was eventually chosen by Wild 94.9 in San Francisco. It didn’t take long for her to land her show, The Baydestrian Report, after she finished the training. Slowly but surely, she gained widespread fame in the Bay Area. After some time, she launched the YouTube talk program Nessa In Air, on which she interviewed many famous people.

Life of Nessa Diab:

Diab is from one of the gorgeous cities in the United States: Los Angeles, California. Nessa was raised Muslim due to her family’s Middle Eastern and Egyptian heritage. Thus, Nessa is of Egyptian and African ancestry. Diab’s birth date indicates that she is a Taurus. Nessa is an American media celebrity renowned for her TV host and entrepreneurial work.

Family Nessa Diab:

It was in Los Angeles, California, when Nessa first opened her eyes to the world. In Nessa’s case, her parents come from different cultural backgrounds. Her mom stays at home while her dad is a successful businessman. Her childhood was spent between Saudi Arabia and Southern California, where her father worked. The identities of her siblings remain unknown. Nessa Diab age has two brothers, although information on them is scarce.

Status of Nessa Diab’s Boyfriend:

Diab is currently in a serious relationship with Colin Kaepernick, despite not being married. The media has reported for years that Nessa has been dating Colin Kaepernick. Colin is a political activist and a professional American football player. The couple reportedly started dating in July 2015. The pair has made appearances at numerous award shows and conferences.

Radio host Neesa:

It’s worth noting that she’s presented shows on MTV and MTV2. One of the most popular shows on Hot 97 is ” She presents a hip-hop show called “Nessa on Air” during the daytime drive time slot.” Her lunchtime show is the most popular hip-hop show in over 15 countrywide among adults aged 18 to 34. Talk Stoop, which Nessa presented for NBCUniversal for a single season, aired there.


In this piece, we learned about Nessa Diab age personal history. In Nessa’s case, her parents come from different cultural backgrounds. When it comes to national media, Nessa is a household name. Diab is well-known for her radio broadcasts, discussing racial inequality and other pressing social concerns.


Who is Nessa Diab?

TV and radio host Nessa Diab is a well-known American figure. People remember her as a popular radio and TV host throughout the country.

To what do you attribute Nessa Diab’s notoriety?

She became a successful musician and YouTube star who became a celebrity interviewer after her appearance on “Nessa on Air,” her podcast and YouTube channel.

What is Nessa Diab age?

Nessa Diab age is 41 years.

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